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    COCOA - Nice People, Dirty Fun

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    Cocoa Devils J'ouvert

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    Paparazzi Carnival 2016

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COCOA - Nice People, Dirty Fun July 2016

Cocoa Devils Masqueraders

Thank you all for choosing Cocoa Devils for your 2016 JOUVERT experience. We truly hope it was an enjoyable one and we look forward to seeing you all next year

Unfortunately, we encountered a brief moment of "hooliganism" which was a result of our security detail putting out non masqueraders from the band for our safety and enjoyment and they confirmed that there was a flash of bottle throwing.

Regrettably, we understand that there were minor injuries to some of our masqueraders and we are extremely disappointed and concerned about this. We sincerely hope that there were indeed minor and we extend our apologies about this unnecessary and unfortunate behavior and wish you speedy recovery.

For over 20 years we have had a cherished "incident free" record as we pay great attention to the selection and functions of our security detail as your safety is our priority.

Rest assured that we will continue make this our priority and will not be intimidated by any distructive elements.

Enjoy the rest of your carnival season and once again thank you for choosing Cocoa Devils!

D Cocoa Crew
Sally, Cathy Ann & Nicola

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